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”阅卷时将主要思量以下内容:(1)与所给漫笔及段落开头语的衔接水平;(2)内容的富厚性和对所给关键词语的笼罩情况;(3)应用语法结构和词汇的富厚性和准确性;(4)上下文的连贯性。2020年山东卷英语“读后续写”示例阅读下面质料, 凭据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段, 使之组成一篇完整的漫笔。The Meredith family lived in a small community. As the economy was in decline, some people in the town had lost their jobs. Many of their families were struggling to make ends meet. People were trying to help each other meet the challenges.Mrs. Meredith was a most kind and thoughtful woman. She spent a great deal of time visiting the poor. She knew they had problems, and they needed all kinds of help. When she had time, she would bring food and medicine to them.One morning she told her children about a family she had visited the day before. There was a man sick in bed, his wife, who took care of him and could not go out to work, and their little boy. The little boy - his name was Bernard - had interested her very much.“I wish you could see him,” she said to her own children, John, Harry, and Clara. “He is such a help to his mother. He wants very much to earn some money, but I don't see what he can do.”After their mother left the room, the children sat thinking about Bernard. “I wish we could help him to earn money,” said Clara. “His family is suffering so much.”“So do I,” said Harry. “We really should do something to assist them.”For some moments, John said nothing, but, suddenly, he sprang to his feet and cried, “I have a great idea! I have a solution that we can all help accomplish (完成).”The other children also jumped up all attention. When John had an idea, it was sure to be a good one. I’ll tell you what we can do,” said John. “You know that big box of corn Uncle John sent us? Well, we can make popcorn (爆米花), and put it into paper bags, and Bernard can take it around to the houses and sell it.”(文长320字)注意:1. 续写词数应为150左右:2. 请按如下花样在答题卡的相应位置作答。


给定的两段开头句(1)When Mrs. Meredith heard of John's idea, she thought it was a good one, too.(2)With eve。